Abutech Training Academy, ATA, a multi-faculty hands-on training citadel located in Gwarinpa, Abuja, and incorporated as a limited liability in Nigeria with RC 1029212. ATA is keen on training people for productivity both in private and public sectors, locally and globally, through intensive and rewarding Workshops, Seminars, Capacity Building Summits, Retreats and Conferences.

ATA aims at shaping novices into professionals, the unemployed into job providers and the knowledgeable into high net-worth experts, via purposeful coaching, meticulous mentoring and general performance enhancement.

The birth of ATA is a product of a holistic patriotic desire to awaken our nation's educational sector from its current abysmal state, through private/public partnership advocacy on capital asset and the re-instatement of qualitative learning in our country.

Hence, we solemnly believe that the task of nation-building and human progress relies fundamentally on solid human asset development. Little wonder we hinge our focus on providing qualitative, creative, imaginative and innovative all-round education to all and sundry. ATA is also set to ensure adequate knowledge transfer from one generation to another and from one intellectual zone to the other.

Like a spoke in a wheel, our sole role is to pave the path for employable, skillful, creative and innovative individuals, corporate entities and public sector personalities – with a view to establishing a rich and enduring commonwealth based on equity, merit, contentment and human dignity. After all, the illiterates of the future are NOT those who cannot read and write but those who CANNOT Learn, Un-Learn and Re-learn! (Alvin Toffler)

ATA adheres to the principles of profitability through sustainable educational transformation and capacity re-engineering; while focusing on restoring sanity, morality and dignity back to our common commonwealth-mankind!

ATA …Training People for Possibilities and Productivity!