Cambridge A-Level Programme

Abutech Full-time Cambridge A-Level Programme is a 2-year course, with admissions in September only. There is an option for the student to do the first year (AS) and the second year (A2) in Nigeria. Cambridge A‘ level programme is for candidates who wish to travel abroad for their degree programme or want to use it to gain admission into 200 level in any of the Nigerian universities

Cambridge A’level examination is conducted twice in a year. You can complete the programme in the space of 6 months or you can do it within 9 months depending on the candidate choice. The examination takes place in May/June and October/November every year. Abutech Training Academy is an accredited A level school in Abuja.

At the end of the programme, students sit for the Cambridge A Level Examination conducted by the Cambridge International Examination, and moderated by the British Council. Abutech Training Academy provides conducive environment for all students who register in the Academy, and the result is recognised all over Nigeria universities, Cambridge A level in Nigeria is the only A’Level programme that is generally accepted in Nigeria across universities. Most other A-Level programs are only accepted by designated universities

Abutech Training Academy partners with for the registration of A-level programmes with respect to Cambridge A-level Examinations.

The registration for Cambridge A level starts September/ October every year and lectures start the first week of January till May or October depending on the time frame each student decides to use for the entire programme either for 6 months or 9 months.


A minimum of 5 credits in relevant subjects inclusive of English Language and Mathematics (not more than 2 sittings) in WAEC, NECO, Camridge O’level or other known equivalent examinations.

The result of the Cambridge A’ level programme is accepted by all universities in Nigeria and also in universities in the United Kingdom

Benefits of Cambridge A-Level Programmes

The benefits Advanced Cambridge A-Level programme are numerous especially with respect to the Nigeria educational system. Gaining admission via JAMB is so competitive that, it takes the grace of God to secure admission. Gaining admission is at the discretion of the university and JAMB in most cases. It is difficult to explain how admission system works. It is possible to see someone who gains admission with 190 marks from UTME examination, and also see someone with 202 marks for the same course, same university, same year that was denied admission.

Below are some of these benefits:

  • Direct admission into 200 levels in any university.
  • You can study any course with Cambridge A’ Level in Nigeria : Law, Medicine, Accounting, Mass Communication etc
  • It is a short programme. Within 6 to 10 months, you are done!
  • You can be admitted the same year you are done with the programme
  • You will be busy throughout with the programme, no time to sit at home
  • While the Cambridge A’ Level programme, including the examination, may not be easy, it is worth the effort, as it creates lifetime impression on the student
  • Your CGPA in the university once admitted in the university of choice will definitely be higher than most people gain admission via JAMB
  • The result of Cambridge A’ Level is accepted in ALL universities in Nigeria, includes the University of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University, Olabisi Onabanjo University, University of Benin, University of Port Harcourt etc.
  • You can also use the result for admission abroad
  • All 100% universities accept it. Anyone can apply for the programme.

Aims and Objectives of CAMBRIDGE A-Level Nigeria

The aim of CAMBRIDGE A-Level Nigeria is to see students have an alternative to JAMB in gaining admission into Nigerian universities. And with CAMBRIDGE A-Level Nigeria, you gain admission into 200 level of any course. Yes, you heard us right into any course.

Below are some of the objectives of Cambridge A-Level Programme

  • To source superior students for the University’s degree programmes and reduce the high rate of dropouts from the University.
  • To ensure adequate preparation of eligible secondary school graduates for University work.
  • To enhance analytical and independent learning abilities and promote the intellectual development as well as oral and written skills of students.

Duration of Programme

The duration of the Programme of courses for the Board’s Examination is a minimum of one academic session of two semesters. Which are 10 months in total

Cambridge A-Level Eligibility

To be eligible to take examinations leading to the award of CAMBRIDGE A\'Level Nigeria’s Direct Entry Certificates, the candidate must have been exposed to an intensive scheme of academic work relevant to his/her proposed university course.

  • Each candidate must register, sit for Examinations and satisfy the Board of three subjects and a General Studies course relevant to the proposed course in any of the universities.
  • Each subject is to be broken into four courses to be taken, two per semester, by the candidate. The results in all the courses are to be merged at the end of the second semester to obtain the candidate’s grade in that particular subject.
  • Each candidate is expected to take twelve (12) courses, six per semester, and a General Studies course.
  • The general Studies for courses in each University Faculty will be based on relevant General courses suggested for that Faculty by each university.
  • The students upon completion of the programme will be issued certificates based on their level of performance which bear Letter Grades of A, B, C, D, E or F in each of the three subjects and General Studies Paper. For admission into each university, each candidate, in addition to passing the prescribed CAMBRIDGE A-Level Nigeria examinations for issuing the Direct Entry Certificates, must satisfy all other conditions as prescribed by his/her university of choice.

Cambridge A-Level possible Courses Combinations

The programme is an intensive coaching curriculum aims at ensuring adequate exposure to fundamentals of concepts and preparation of eligible students for University direct entry admission and a good head start for University work.

The courses of study which are those of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) subjects include:

  • English Language (which is compulsory for all students)
  • Government
  • Literature in English
  • Christian Religious Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • French
  • Igbo
  • Islamic Studies
  • Music
  • Visual Arts
  • Yoruba
  • Accounting
  • Business Studies
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Agricultural Science etc.

How to Register for Cambridge A-Level Programme

Applicants should follow the below instructions:

  • Print out the form below and fill all details in CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Pay the application fee which is #10,000
    Account Name: Abutech Training Academy
    Account Number: 2009643016
    Bank: First City Monument Bank (FCMB)
  • After payment, scan the copy of the teller indicating payment along with the FILLED application form to
  • After reviewing your application form, your CAMBRIDGE A-Level Nigeria centre name and address would be sent to you through the same email you used in sending it to us. We advised that you use your personal and active email address to send in your data to us, as further information and instructions would be communicated through the email address used during the registration.

We advised that you use your personal and active email address to send your data to us, as further information and instructions would be communicated through the email address used during the registration.

Cambridge A-Level Fees

The Application form for Cambridge A-Level Form is #10,000 (non-refundable)

The total sums of the CAMBRIDGE A-Level Nigeria school fees are as given below:

  • Sciences: #465,000 for 2 semesters and #345,000 for 3 semesters
  • Arts: #440,000 for 2 semesters and #600,000 for 3 semesters

The Hostel fee, school fees, is #150,000 for a 9 months Programme.

Installmental Payment

Cambridge A-Level Nigeria school payment can be made maximum of three times. The minimum a student can start with is #200,000 plus #75,000 (for hostel residents) and the remaining amount can be paid twice; as interested CAMBRIDGE A-Level Nigeria candidates are expected to have paid for the form which is #10,000 before the resumption to the designated account and the second and third payment have three months interval for the full payment

Candidate will not be allowed to write any examination if he/she has not completed their school fees. Interested candidate who wish to apply for CAMBRIDGE A\'Level must have discussed with his/her parents/guardian/custodian before he/she paid for the form. As application fee is not refundable

List of Universities Accepting Cambridge A-Level in Nigeria

Here are the lists of accredited universities in Nigeria that accept Cambridge A-Level into 200 levels for any course of study.

Partners Universities are members of the consortium of old Federal Universities that contributed to the establishment of the Cambridge A-level (CAMBRIDGE A’Level Nigeria) after approval of the project by the Federal Ministry of Education.

The following universities are partners