• There shall be head of hostel appointed amongst the students by the management.
  • No consumption of alcoholic drinks
  • No smoking of cigarettes
  • Television sets, Video machines and DVD players are prohibited items in the hostel
  • No playing of Computer games
  • No receiving of visitors except on visiting days and or with permission from the CEO.
  • Visiting day is Last Saturday of Every Month.
  • All students must have rechargeable light /lanterns for reading
  • At all times there should be no noise emanating from the hostel to disturb the neighboring houses.
  • Students must dress moderately in the hostel.
  • Boys should always dress properly. No exposing of bare chest within the hostel vicinity.
  • There should be no fighting in the school or hostel amongst students
  • Pilfering or stealing is highly prohibited.

Any student(s) who violate any of the aforementioned rules will be meted with appropriate punishment as determined by management.